SEPTEMBER 2017 UPDATE: We have been advised by the prison that the Proform system is changing. The “Other Items” Proform is no longer being used, prisoners who wish to order items from the old Proform can now do this via Argos – friends and family are not able to bring these items in. Prisoners can still request the “Clothing & Toiletries” Proform

At HMP Barlinnie, visitors are only allowed to bring £10 of loose change with them in to a visit. If the person you are visiting would like other things such as clothes, toiletries or hobby items, there is a procedure for bringing these in using a “Proform”:

  • Prisoner requests a Proform from Halls Staff
  • Prisoner completes Proform, noting which items they would like to have brought in
  • Prisoner gives completed Proform to Halls Staff
  • Halls Staff post completed Proform to you
  • You bring the Proform and the items listed on it to the prison to hand in
  • Staff at the Visitors Booking Desk receive the items and give you a receipt
  • Items are distributed to the prisoner in the Halls

Prison staff can ONLY take items exactly as they are listed on the Proform and the completed Proform must be handed in with the items.

If you aren’t visiting soon or regularly, you can also post items to the prison with the Proform, you will need to pay postage.