The Croft can give you information and support and point you in the direction of more help if needed. We can help you with general enquiries about visiting prison and how to get more help with coping with the effects of having a loved one in prison. The information below covers the 3 main areas visitors ask us about:  Money, debts and housing; How you and the family are coping; How your loved one in prison is coping. For further information, contact the Croft on You can also contact Families Outside – a charity that works for families affected by imprisonment in Scotland. They have a freephone helpline from Monday – Friday 0800 254 0088 – answerphone if not available.

I’m worried about money, debt or benefits We can put you in touch with Helen McClymont who works for Parkhead Citizens’ Advice Bureau as the Prison Families Adviser. Helen is in Barlinnie most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We can make a referral to Helen for you. Some additional information is also available from the Advice Guide website.

I’m worried about how me or the rest of the family will cope with him being in prison We can put you in touch with Dermot Dooley from Familes Outside. Dermot provides support and information to visitors who have experienced a family members’ imprisonment (family member can be anyone who is considered family). This support varies depending on each family, it could be emotional or practical concerns or a combination. Dermot works with the Croft staff and also uses the stall in the Atrium. You can contact him via the helpline above (0800 254 0088) or through the Croft. The Families Outside website has lots of useful information, including some Frequently Asked Questions and a Jargon buster.

I’m worried with how he’s coping in the prison You can contact the Family Contact Officers (FCOs) – prison officers who work specifically with the families of prisoners. You can ask for the FCOs (Tracy, Marion or John) when you visit or call 0141 770 2037. The FCOs have an office in the prison with a 24 hour answer machine and will get back to family members who are worried about how the prisoner is doing in Barlinnie. For further information, contact the Croft on this website or: